A major city located in the north of Westrunn, south of the Bastion.

Ruled by Lady Joanna Rosewall, the city has seen its fair share of invasions by tribes of the North and is well-protected. The Whitewatch guard is led by Captain Duncan.

The rule of the city was recently contested in an election between Lady Joanna Rosewall and General Goode. Its outcome is currently unknown.

Notable locations in the city include:

  • Bloodbath & Beyond, a smithy
  • Come Right Inn, an inn
  • General Goode’s General Goods, a general goods store run by Arturo Goode
  • Lucky Seven, a shop that specialises in tabletop games

There was once a store named Bartie’s Provisions. It has since shut down since its owner Bartholomew Hank took his own life after being confronted by The Avengers about his unscrupulous deeds.



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