The Justice League

The Justice League is a famous adventuring guild that sends its members all across Titania in pursuit of contracts, fame and wealth. They are founded and headed by its four most popular and successful adventurers:

In their company can sometimes be found the legendary Aasimar bard Taliesin.

Together, The Justice League is a formidable force, able to slay an adult dragon without any obvious difficulty.

Their adventuring guild is headquartered in Valaknox and goes by the name Hall of Justice. There, hopeful adventurers are put through tests and the like to suss out if they are worthy to bear the crest of the League, and distressed folk flock to from across the world to plead for aid. Adventurers are then dispatched on these missions and return with the guild taking a cut of the loot.

Their logo is that of a stylised J diagonally above a similar L, with a sword separating the two letters.

The Justice League

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