The Avengers

The Avengers are an adventuring party that currently consists of Narla, Rynn, Maeve, Randal and Valanya.

Road to Knighthood

The Avengers originally began as the crew onboard a ship, The Heartbreaker. Roxanne, the ship’s owner, originally hired Narla Azeran, Rynn, Maeve and Alesyva as help and protection on her journey. Each of these characters naturally their own various reasons for joining The Heartbreaker crew.

Before they called themselves The Avengers, the group first alighted in Melvaunt where they got word of a suspicious string of murders. Believing the local thieves’ guild of The Masked innocent, the adventurers tracked down and eliminated the real culprits The Thrice Crown.

After these events, Alesyva departed the group and has not been seen again.

For the remaining members of the group, their next assignment in Melvaunt came from Triston Margrave, who suspected that his father’s recent strange behaviour was not natural. During the course of their investigations in the city, the group met the bard Randal Aerion who decided to join them on their quest.

After a brief trip into the Underdark, the Avengers later learnt that a jewel, stolen from the Drow House Arkanviir and kept in Melvaunt keep, was the cause of the Lord’s madness. With some aid from Adrianna Locke and Triston Margrave, the group of adventurers broke into the keep and stole the jewel, eventually returning it to its rightful drow owners.

For their brave actions that helped save Lord Owen Margrave’s sanity, all members of the group were awarded knighthood as Knights of Westrunn. It was then that the group realised that they should have a proper name to refer to themselves as an adventuring party.

Breaking the Chains

It was during these celebrations that Roxanne quietly left the party, leaving a letter to Narla that explained she was leaving to focus on finding her long-missing sister.

Concerned about Roxanne’s well-being, and learning about the menacing entity known as The Chained One who was rumoured to be behind the disappearances, the group set off to find her. The journey took them to Whitewatch, where many of the disappearances had taken place over the years. There, they were told by the city’s chief guard, Duncan, that he suspected an former criminal, Donovan “the Razer”, of being behind the girls’ abductions.

Complicating matters, Donovan resided in Goldgarde, a neighbouring town that had recently been invaded and occupied by The Frostsea Clan.

Agreeing to help liberate the town, the Avengers travelled to Goldgarde where they were introduced to a new ally, Valanya. Together with the Whitewatch troops, the party helped fight off The Frostsea Clan and captured its clan leadership.

When the town was secured, the Avengers confronted Donovan and learnt that the real culprit behind The Chained One was an vengeful elf, Ascal Gildergaard, who had lost his wife and daughter.

When they visited the old Gildergaard mansion, the Avengers were surprised to find all – if not most – of the missing women and children still alive and well but under some sort of magical spell. That same night the group was attacked by The Chained One, a mind-controlled Roxanne as well as Roxanne’s sister.

The harrowing battle that ensued brought the Avengers into another plane, where the The Chained One made his last stand. Although the Avengers managed to slay him, Rynn was almost lost as the portal home back to the material plane closed before he made it through. Rynn managed to return however, with the help of the ring he’d picked up from The Chained One’s corpse – a powerful ring that gave him the power to become invisible.

From the battle, Narla had also picked up a suit of magical full plate armour: the Armour of the Dread Emperor. It was apparent that these Dread Emperor artefacts were cursed and had some role to play in the twisting the The Chained One’s mind, as well as giving him the power to commit his misdeeds.

Deciding to take the risk, Narla Azeran put on the Dread Emperor’s Armour. Despite the power bestowed by the item, it was a decision she would soon regret.

Demons are Coming

During their travels, the Avengers became aware of several troubling developments in the world, the most pressing of which seemed to be an invasion of demons in the North.

The invading demons had been causing a number of Northern tribes to flee south, such as The Frostsea Clan, and in so doing exacerbating conflicts between the tribes and the people of the more “civilised” Westrunn towns.

Passing by the town of Oxfell, the Avengers had met another such tribe, the Bear Claw Tribe, who told them of a group of demons that had been chasing them from the North. These demons had apparently been in pursuit of a keystone the tribe had taken – a keystone that bore the symbol of Garagos.

Draka of the Bear Claw Tribe also informed Narla that some members of her family were still alive, but imprisoned by the demons in a fortress. Draka then passed Narla the keystone for safe-keeping.

Now, with the business of The Chained One concluded and Roxanne safely reunited with her sister, the Avengers travelled North to do something about the encroaching demonic threat.

The Avengers

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