Screen_Shot_2017-05-01_at_3.12.36_PM.pngThe town of Goldgarde was recently invaded and occupied by the Frostsea Clan from the North. With help from The Avengers, forces sent from Whitewatch, led by Lieutenant Gwenyth liberated the town.

Notable individuals in Goldgarde include:

  • The town mayor, Harbin Wester
  • Ferrax Hornjaw, the dwarf overseer of the Goldgarde mine
  • “Donovan “The Razer”, a former criminal who was previously suspected of being The Chained One
  • The late arcanist Corbyn, father of Seargent Corbyn

Notable landmarks within Goldgarde include:

  • The Manor of House Tresanda, the most prominent building in town
  • Vaults in the Goldgarde mine guarded by a spectator, Meraxus


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