Randal Aerion

Human Bard who aspires to greatness through good deeds


Randal Aerion is a Human Bard and a member of The Avengers.

He is inspired by the legendary bard Taliesin and adventures so that one day, he might become a bard of renown in his own right.


Lean in build and standing at around 1.8 metres in height, Randal easily catches attention with his presence and easygoing smile. Coupled with his pleasant looking face, it is no surprise that he found his calling as a bard.

In combat, he dresses in leather armour to utilise his dexterity. While he is proficient in wielding the rapier he carries around, it belies the potency of the instruments that he uses to either bring his bardic arts to bear on his enemies or to support his allies.

Songs in good faith

During the events of the Monstrosity that lurks beneath the waves, Randel’s fervent belief in life manifested a divine miracle, saving Maeve from certain death. Thereafter branded with the symbol of Lathander on his right wrist, he now sets forth as a cleric of Lathander, bringing joy to the people he meets through song and deeds.

Though he still favours precise weapons that favour his dexterity, he now fights using medium armour, complete with a shield. His magical repertoire has also expanded to include supportive and curative divine magic, making him a more capable support in combat.


As Randal is Neutral Good in alignment, he believes in the sanctity of life and the right for freedom, with the caveat that it is practised responsibly. In order to achieve this, law and chaos are but tools in various contexts used to bring about happiness and life. Ultimately, he strives to improve people’s lot in life, even if it requires bending of rules or morality at times.

He is also motivated by a strong desire to attain achievements in life. In order to accomplish this, he pursues any leads that he gets his hands on, be it knowledge or power, in order to gain recognition from the rest of the world.



Randal Aerion was born into a moderately well-to-do family of fabric merchants as the second out of three sons. He has been the oddball since young, always preferring to carouse with the “rabble” in the city taverns instead of mingling with the children from the higher social classes. He also took a liking to music, which his family frowned upon as they preferred for him to learn how to take over the family business.

In his adolescent years, Randal chanced upon a travelling bard named Tyrin, who recognised his inner potential for the bardic arts. Randal quickly took to Tyrin and immersed himself in the arts of the Bardic College of Lore. Despite the vivacious nature of bardic training, Tyrin ensured that he inculcated the principles of doing good in Randal. The former often told tales of the deeds of the legendary bard Taliesin, who took part in many events that helped to better the world.

Once he completed his training, Randal was eager to set out to accomplish as much good as he can in the world, in the hopes of rivalling the fame of Taliesin. With naught but a simple note to bid farewell to his family, Randal set off for the great unknown.

Joining the Avengers

Upon hearing that the city of Melvaunt had conflicts with the drow underneath, Randal was certain that there was an opportunity for him to establish a name for himself. After some digging around, he discovered that there was a group of adventurers also investigating the issue and this was his best ticket to fame here. When he managed to group up with them, little did he know that this was the group that will eventually be known as The Avengers.

The Jewel of Arkanviir

To be completed

Lord Wulfric of the Shadowfell

To be completed.

Reaver Clan’s Demons

To be completed.

Recapture of Goldgarde

To be completed.

The Chained One

To be completed.

Fishy business at Zallen

To be completed.

Monstrosity that lurks beneath the waves

To be completed.

Randal Aerion

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