Shalryn Zalleneth

Shamaness of the Zallen Triton


Shalryn is a Triton on the blue end of the blue-green skin spectrum. Like most tritons, she has fins along her forearms, calves and neck. Her lithe frame belies her true strength and power as a manipulator of nature. She is often seen wearing a mixture of fabrics and leathers, a rarity in the Triton culture, and the more traditional seashells and driftwood for armor or decoration. She carries a staff with her at all times and has a net curled up by her waist.

She is usually seen with a more severe demeanor and sometimes seems to fail to grasp human wit.


Shalryn Zalleneth is the shamaness, leader and founder of the Zallen tribe of Tritons. Moving to and naming the lake by their village Lake Shalryneth, she established Zallen as the main mode of transport for those seeking to cross the raging lake.

At some point after the demon invasion of the North, Shalryn and the village was approached by Lady Dura, a Defiler of Garagos, and told to cease all transportation as Garagos wanted to ensure that Narla Azeran would be trapped in the North. Shalryn refused, standing by the fact that she felt it was her calling to provide such a service.

Lady Dura’s vengeance meant that many of Zallen would be slaughtered or abducted, bit by bit, until their numbers dwindled to just a mere handful.

The Avengers encountered the village in their travels and rendered their aid in destroying the corrupting influence that Lady Dura had set up underneath Lake Shalryneth.

For their aid, Shalryn offered the group passage across the lake and, more importantly, removed Narla’s attunement to the cursed Plate of the Dread Emperor.

Shalryn Zalleneth

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