Lady Dura

The Corruptor


Lady Dura has olive black hair, slicked back into a high ponytail. Her skin as red as blood and two short horns lining her hairline as red as her skin. Red leathery wings fold up neatly against her back and a tail swishing, sweeping everywhere, moving almost constantly. She wears a dress that seems to be composed entirely of scale mail though with deliberate cuts here and there to provide a more sultry appearance. Through the cuts in the dress, one can see that the skin underneath is heavily tattooed with abyssal scriptures. Her eyes are the color of pure molten lava. In one hand she holds a spear that is tucked against her side, and in her other a coiled whip.


Not much is known about Lady Dura yet.

She is one of three Defilers who serve Garagos’ reign in the North.

At one point, she was assigned to ensure that the Zallen tribe would not be transporting people out of the Field of Honor, though that ultimately failed when the Avenger destroyed the outpost she created under the lake.

Lady Dura

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